BridgeTree is a DIGITAL CARE ECOSYSTEM that provides a mechanism for 360 degree care. Our one of a kind interactive platform allows for streamlined communication between all involved parties, monitoring and much more...

Health Monitoring
Daily Activity Monitoring
In-Home Activity Monitoring
Task Management
Professional Services
Connect with Family effortlessly
Connect with Medical Professionals
Connect with Care Professionals

Peace of mind, comfort, and security are on your fingertips with BridgeTree app by your side.


Families will be at peace knowing that they can connect with their loved ones as needed. Be able to monitor schedules, appointments and reminders.


Easy and convenient to record health metrics, daily activities, schedules, appointments and more. Giving time back to enjoy life.


Connect with family and friends by video, share photos. Communicate with care professionals and medical professionals via audio messages.


Bridging the gap in communication and having the power of care on your fingertips is what we strive for.

Proactive Care Medical Metric Recording Daily Activity Monitoring Game Room Family Konnect


Video Chat

Health Monitoring

Audio Messaging

Task Management

Medical Professional

Care Professional

Game Room

Professional Services

Why Us?

My Story. I am tech savy but not my grandmother, with all the technology in the world my grandmother and my kid could not connect, sure we talked to her but there was no real connection between my kid and her as they were worlds apart physically. Did not know whom she was cared by or what and how care was being provided. There was no way to keep track of her medications or her health metrics conviniently. She had a few falls and took almost an hour to know.

This is how Bridgetree was born. Bridgetree has communication as the trunk with monitoring, scheduling, tasking, care management branching out. In this day and age we should expect a lot more from what technology has to offer, and we do one step at a time.

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